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January 6, 2011
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::Void:: by ToxicMoustache ::Void:: by ToxicMoustache
Nnnnff, for :iconworld-of-ion:~!! I hope he gets in, man. ;A;

Caution: WALL OF TEEEXXXTT, fo' reals. D: xD Sorry~

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comments or notes, or any other way you'd like. :3 Just ask~

Name: Void.
Age: 20.
Gender: Male.
Race: Drakontas/Siren (Dad = Drakontas, Mom=Siren).
Vocation: Assassin.

Personality: Void is a rather caring and kind person to a chosen few, though he tends to put on an air of confidence and narcissism so as to not seem vulnerable. He has a hard time with the way he looks, and becomes enraged when people comment on his feminine qualities; he much rather feign that he's entirely drakontas and heavily dislikes his siren side. He's a strong (fighting)spirited boy and tries to keep his spirits up, even when things look bad for him. He talks big, and says he doesn't care, but he'd much rather see people smile than be sad.

He's loud and a bit arrogant. His looks completely clash with the way he speaks; he speaks very loudly at times and as a delinquent would. He doesn't get angered easily so much as he gets annoyed at things. It definitely takes a little push to get him enraged. He's good at fighting, but not so good at talking to people. It, indeed, takes him a while to warm up to people, but he'd make a really great friend once one got to know him.

Background/History: Void was born to a drakontas father and a siren mother. His father was taken in by the siren's charms, but left quickly when he figured out he was tricked; she took his money and items. She became pregnant with Void, and a few years after birthing him, she got tired of having to keep a child around as it cramped her style. At the tender age of eight, he was put on the streets and found by another, older boy, that he'd soon call 'friend'. The boy, Isaac, took him in, along with a few other kids on the street and let him stay at his 'place'; which was an old abandoned building. He was taught here how to steal things, and blend into the shadows so he wouldn't get caught, though he still got caught several times, luckily managing to escape. At age thirteen, however, he and his friend were finally caught, and were about to be killed when the man he would call 'master' stepped in to save the two. He took Void in, his friend opting to run away, though the man saw potential in Void and forced him to learn the way of the "hidden blade technique".

About for years had passed, and he was actually happy to be living with his master. He would teach him more and more each day, and even though he had to do manual labor a lot, he finally had a sort of 'family'. It was then that he met a rich girl, around his age, named Alisa. The boy immediately took a liking to her, and to his surprise the feeling was mutual. They began dating, and Void inevitably fell in love with her; even though her family hated him. With his new girlfriend around, Void began to get rather cocky while he and his master practised. His master was not one bit happy about this; Void wasn't paying nearly enough attention to his surroundings while he was fighting now.

One particular evening, Alisa's brother, who disliked Void the most it seemed, sought out a fight with Void. He used guns, while Void used his twin blades. They fought, much to Alisa's dismay, and she ended up trying to stop them. The two were so into their battle, and enraged from insults that were slung, that neither of them saw her get in the way. She was shot, as well as stabbed, and ended up dying in Void's arms. Both boy's had no idea who was really at fault, but they blamed both themselves and the other for it. (They still hate each other.)

Void's master heard what happened, and gave him a speech about how he was truly unfit to learn any more from him, and that he was reckless and wild. He left him and was never seen by Void again.

A year had passed and fuelled by his anger of his past he decided to join the guild Tenebra and become an assassin. The job seemed to calm his sense for revenge and hate, though he still feels the sting of his past.

:bulletblue:Absolutely hates being called octopus-lips, or any form of name that points out his accentuated and feminine lips.
:bulletblue:Water has a very calming effect on him, since it's his element.
:bulletblue:-Really- loves the colour blue.
:bulletblue:Secretly, he adores cute things, and treats "cute" people a lot kinder than everyone else. He would NEVER admit this.
:bulletblue:Killing women leaves a bad taste in his mouth, though he'll do it if he needs to, but he'll be in a bad mood for a while.
:bulletblue:His eyes are bio-luminescent and glow in the dark and under water, so he can see better when he swims; he got this trait from his mother.
:bulletblue:He's better at swimming than he is at flying, though he makes sure to practice using his wings every day since he loves his draknotas half much better.
:bulletblue:wraps up halfway up his arms and legs to cover his fins, since he dislikes them greatly. He'll unwrap them only when he's in the water or he's alone; he won't tell people about them unless he really likes them or they're trustworthy and ask about the bandages.
:bulletblue:Drinks water almost constantly, and gets annoyed and testy when he hasn't had any to drink in a while.
:bulletblue:He's ambidextrous, but his left hand is his dominant hand; if a sword were lost in battle, he'd much rather fight with his left hand.

Fighting Style: Void uses the techniques taught to him by his former teacher, it is the "hidden blade technique", and focuses on surprise tactics. His main focus is the twin blades he uses, during a fight he'll implement the various knives hidden around his body to surprise and attack his opponent; these are attached to their holders by invisible wires, which he can either swing back toward himself, or cut the wire in case he gets stuck on anything or his opponent grabs one.

Often times he ends up stabbing himself, since he's not a pro at using the "hidden blade technique". Though he's much more skilled with his twin blades, having trained under his teacher for about six years with them.

He usually doesn't use his water magic during fights, as he's not entirely able to use it. He does, however, enjoy making steam from it, as he learned to use it when he was a thief; his friend taught him.

His knives are hidden in holders attached to both his sleeves, inside the back of his shirt, inside both of his boots, and inside the soles of his boots; the latter are activated by stomping his heel on the ground very hard, then the knife sticks out from the front of his boot.
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